My dog ​​is running away! What solutions?

My dog ​​is running away! What solutions?

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Being the owner of a runaway dog ​​is a source of anguish and dismay.

This article will explain why a dog runs away and how to fix it.

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Identify the causes of the runaway

  • The environment :

Your garden is not sufficiently fenced (height, hole in the hedges, etc.). Without a truly delimited territory, your dog takes liberties.

  • Boredom:

To thrive, a dog needs olfactory, visual, sensory stimulation and interactions with its peers. Very quickly, your garden will no longer suffice, especially if it is a dog that has been diverted from its primary role (herding dog, sled dog, assistance dog, etc.).

  • The anguish of separation:

When you are away, your dog is unhappy, so he looks for all means to reach you.

  • A bitch in heat:

A male who is not neutered can smell a female in heat and his instinct will prompt him to run away to find her.

  • Hunger :

Some dogs are hungry all the time. They can run away to look for food (Beagle, Labrador).

Find a runaway dog

  • It is imperative to put a collar or an identification tag with his name and phone number on your dog.
  • Notify the SPA, the surrounding shelters, the gendarmerie or the municipal police and the town hall of your municipality.
  • Contact vets within a fairly large area, as a dog can travel many kilometers.
  • Put up posters in your neighborhood with the description and a photo of your dog.
  • Make calls on social networks.

Liability in case of running away

Did you know ?

  • As your dog's owner and guardian, you are responsible for any bodily injury and property damage he may cause when he runs away. Your comprehensive home liability insurance will cover the amount of damages.
  • If your dog is on guard with an acquaintance, the situation will be the same as before.
  • If your dog is with a professional (veterinarian, guard, groomer) that you pay, his insurance will cover the amount of damage. You are released from all responsibilities.

Animal pound

Often, stray dogs are captured by municipal police. This leads them to the animal pound where they are kept the time to do research on their owner.

  • If the dog is not claimed or if his master cannot be found, he is entrusted to the nearest SPA or shelter to be offered for adoption.
  • When a dog is picked up by its master, the pound charges it for transport and the days of presence on its premises.

Solutions for runaway dogs

  • Review the height of the fences, plug the holes in your hedges.
  • Neuter your dog if it is a male.
  • Install an electrical wire underground that demarcates your dog's space. Connected to a receiver collar, your dog will receive unpleasant stimulation as soon as he tries to cross this wire.
  • Don't leave your dog outside when you are away. Pick a place of their own in your home (a small area is ideal for reassuring them). Leave him his favorite toy and background music. Ignore it when you go.
  • Equip it with a GPS collar to find it more easily.

Rituals :

Our friend the dog loves rituals because they allow him to be patient.

  • Offer her a long walk every day.
  • Split his meals.
  • Play with him to offer him stimulation and strengthen your bond.

These rituals should be offered at regular times. Eestablishing a routine is an effective fight against running away.

Smart advice

  • If you find a dog, check (always with caution) if they have an ID tag.
  • Take him to your vet. It has an electronic chip reader that will allow you to check whether the dog is identified at the Central Canine. If so, finding your master will be easy.

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