Araucaria araucana, the despair of monkeys

The araucaria araucana, or despair of the monkeys, is a superb coniferous tree, persistent and very decorative.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name: Araucaria araucana
Family: Araucariaceae
Type: Conifer

Exposure: Sunny or partial shade
Ground: Well-drained, ordinary

Flowering: Spring -Foliage: Persistent

Planting araucaria araucana

The despair of apes is ideally planted atautumnto facilitate its rooting and better recovery in spring.

  • Araucaria araucana likes well-drained soils because it doesn't like excess water
  • He appreciates rather sunny situations and sheltered from the wind

When planting, a mixture of soil and soil from the garden is ideal.

Araucaria araucana tolerates all types of soils, predominantly calcareous or acidic, but it needs well-drained soil where water does not stagnate.

  • Follow ourtips for planting a shrub.

Araucaria araucana is hardy down to -12 ° C and is therefore resistant to frost and cold in winter.

Potted Araucaria araucana:

It is quite possible to cultivate the despair of the monkeys in pots or containers.

  • The pot should be of sufficient size to grow
  • Avoid pots with water reserves which maintain humidity, prefer a pot with a hole in the bottom to remove excess.
  • A coniferous soil is ideal for growing Araucaria araucana in pots.
  • A bed of gravel or clay balls at the bottom of the pot is a plus for drainage.

Maintaining the Despair of the Apes

The maintenance of araucaria araucana is easy, especially when it is properly installed.

Thesize is not recommended too much especially as what makes the beauty of araucaria araucana isits pretty port, whether columnar or spread.

If you need to prune, do itat the beginning of summerand avoid pruning too close to the trunk and prefer alightweight sizerather than a strong drawdown.

Monkey Despair Watering:

While watering the first year after planting is recommended, the monkey's despair should be content with rainwater afterwards.

Watering in case of prolonged drought is however recommended.

For the cultivation in pots or containers, water when the soil is dry on the surface but without excess.

In pots or containers, add coniferous fertilizer in the spring.

To know about the araucaria araucana

An emblematic conifer of Chile, the country where it originates, araucaria araucana has been nicknamed Monkey Despair since it was brought to England in the mid-19th century.

Indeed, we initially thought that no monkey could climb on this conifer whose branches are made of spikes, to their dismay ...

Now used as an ornamental tree, it is very decorative, both in the middle of a lawn or on the edge of an earthen terrace, in a pot or in a container.

Smart tip

The Araucaria araucana produces pine nuts, which are perfectly edible. In Mapuche, these seeds are part of the eating habits, both for their benefits and for their taste.

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