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Bean: restorative and invigorating

Bean: restorative and invigorating

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The bean (vicia faba) is the seed of a annual plant which belongs to the Fabaceae family.

Cultivated sinceseveral millennia, this legume originally from the Middle East is rich in protein and offers many health benefits.

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The bean and its health benefits

  • With its quantity of vegetable proteins higher than the average vegetable, the fresh bean is nutritious, restorative and tonic. It is recommended in many recipes vegetarian and vegan.
  • Rich in group B vitamins and vitamin C, in potassium, iron and magnesium, the fresh bean is full of polyphenols, who have a strong powerantioxidant and who protect us against free radicals.
  • Source of fiber, the dry or fresh bean helps to fight against diabetes and promotes the intestinal transit. In addition, it is often recommended in diets slimming because it causes an effect ofsatiety fast without being too caloric.
  • We use the bean flowers in infusion or in decoction to calm the pains of renal colic, inflammation of the prostate and the affections of kidneys.
  • Warning, the beans can sometimes cause dangerous anemia, favism, when they are consumed raw, long and in large quantities. This warning only applies to people with hereditary mutation and lack the digestive enzyme that normally reduces hemolytic substances (which destroy red blood cells) in its seeds.

Cultivating the bean for its benefits

  • The beans need a warm and sunny exposure and a cool, deep, consistent and rather calcareous soil.
  • Don't plant your beans near beans, tomatoes or peppers to avoid contaminations.
  • Beans can flourish in pots at least 30 cm deep, but remember to tutor your plant.
  • Warning, beans are a delicacy for aphids ! Sow a few seeds at the same time as the legumes. nasturtiums or somedill in the ground, they will scare away the little black beasts.
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The bean in the kitchen for its benefits

The bean is consumed flood with a croque-au-sel or with a drizzle of olive oil and a few drops of lemon juice, but also cooked steamed, in a pan or in a casserole dish as well as in soup.

Nutritional contributions of the bean

46 kcal / 100 g for the fresh raw bean. Cooked, it brings on average 60 kcal / 100 g. She is rich in magnesium, potassium, sulfur, protein and fibers.

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