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A thought for each season ...

It's not easy to flower your garden in winter. Thought has this peculiarity.

Like that of opening up to life in spring, summer and fall ...

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A thought for each season ...

You imagined it fragile ... Thought is anything but that. And it is its robustness, added to the finesse it exudes, that seduces you in winter. A rare specimen to flower in the coldest time of the year, the pansy has another advantage: it requires little care provided it is exposed to sun and partial shade.

Ideal for flower beds or in planters, the viola (its real name) belongs to the violaceae family. Its flowers, rounded or cut, are single-colored with a darker central eye and come in a wide range of colors.

Of European origin, it was initially considered a perennial. But the varieties that grow in our gardens are grown as annuals or biennials. Depending on the species, they can take different shapes but always have flowers with five petals.

Cold resistant

Indispensable at this time of year, the winter pansy above all needs to see its roots protected from the cold with mulching, while its spring or summer cousin will require watering very regularly. Note that the viola is frost resistant (down to -6 °) and that it can therefore be installed in suspensions in association with ivy or in planters with cyclamen and speedwell to decorate your garden in winter.

That said, whatever the season, you will have a wide choice among the 500 species listed. But spring seedlings will flower in early summer, while summer and fall seedlings will flower in the winter or the following spring.

Pansy or violet, what's the difference?

Finally, did you know that thoughts are often confused with violets ? It must be said that they belong to the same family but that only their petals differentiate them.

Violets have two petals up and three down while pansies have four up and one down.

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