Outdoor decoration trends for zen garden

The trend is for the Zen garden, a source of meditation and spirituality. Plants and decoration, here is how to make your garden a space of well-being and renewal.

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Japanese style rich in decoration

The Japanese garden tends to represent a natural landscape in miniature. It marries plants and decoration wonderfully for a calming and harmonious exterior.

The secret to a successful zen garden? Choose decorative elements in noble materials! Wood and stone are the two essential components of the decoration, we forget the plastic which makes the garden lose its charm.

A spiritual decoration

Dedicated to meditation, Japanese gardens contain Buddhist symbols. The statuettes representing Buddha slip between the plants of the flower beds. Sometimes gray, black or white, they are often stone or imitation.

As in a temple, the paths are lit with small lanterns that enhance the privacy of the garden. There are also rocks dug and filled with water also called Mizubashi, used for drinking or washing hands. This type of decorative element emphasizes the Buddhist inspiration in the service of creating a harmonious and natural place.

Finally, you can also choose to install a miniature version of Tokyo Pagoda, a famous Japanese temple. In stone, it will keep an authentic look and will be gently colonized by the moss.

Ornamental borders

In the Japanese garden, everything is in its place and the decoration serves to delimit the spaces. To give your garden a zen touch, do not hesitate to install borders between your flower beds, your paths and your terraces.

Then use large pebbles that draw the shape you want, once installed in rows of onions. The advantage is that they easily follow the curved and irregular shapes of Japanese gardens.

Likewise, you can rely on bamboo! Take a cane and cut it into several pieces of the same height, between 20cm and 30cm. You just need to place them vertically, aligned all along the massive perimeter or the aisle.

Mineral and vegetal decor

Many elements of stone structure appear in the Zen garden. The advantage is that they are almost maintenance free!

Within a massif, do not hesitate to combine ball boxwood with stones of the same shape. They take over from plants and give volume to the whole.

Use the gravel without moderation! They are then placed as mineral mulch or to form alleys. Gray, white, black or colored, they become real decorative touches.

Basins and fountains

Water has its place in the Japanese garden because it has this soothing side conveyed by the gentle sound of its eddies. The fountain is a beautiful decorative object ideal for small gardens who do not have the place to dig a basin. You can put it next to the terrace to admire the flow of the water and create an atmosphere. It is also possible to integrate it into a bed between the plants.

Stones carved out in cascades, designer water slides, bamboo, miniature temples… There is something for everyone! The basin is also a common arrangement of the Zen garden because it encourages contemplation. Decorate it with surrounding plants and rocks to represent a natural waterhole. If your pool is large enough, add a small pontoon, a must-have for the Zen outdoors. Finally add some koi carp and lighting, the basin will immediately have its effect! Those who like the ornamentation of water points without being able to install one can fall back on dry rivers, just as decorative and less expensive.

Decorative plants

Dressed to the nines, the plants of the Zen garden are remarkable for their color, their foliage, their shape ... Cloud pruning is a Japanese art that consists of giving the crown of the tree the silhouettes of small clouds.

Holly, yew or boxwood are ideal for this exercise. Pair them with Japanese maples! These small trees with palmate or cut leaves reveal beautiful coppery hues in the fall.

Finally, we do not forget the bamboo that we choose non-tracing so as not to be invaded by its suckers in the garden. And what a joy to listen to the wind rustling in its leaves!

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