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Lantana: a beautiful shrubby perennial

Lantana: a beautiful shrubby perennial

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The lantana is a beautiful shrubby perennial that will advantageously decorate your tubs and flower beds in your garden.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Lantana
Family : Verbenaceae
Type : Perennial

: 50 to 150 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary

: Expired -Flowering : May to October / November

Enjoy its generous bloom from spring to fall and relatively easy maintenance.

Lantana plantation

Lantana is recommended to be planted in the spring when purchased in a pot.

  • The lantana loves the sun and heat.
  • It is a plant that dreads shade.
  • Incorporate potting soil into your soil to enrich your soil.

If you are concerned about frost in your area, prefer a planting lantana in pot because this plant fears frost and bring it in in winter.

Lantana seedlings:

When sowing, choose a sowing under shelter in March, transplant once in a bucket in April and put in place in May.

Lantana cutting:

Lantana cuttings are the best propagation technique for this plant.

  • Wait for the vegetation to restart in spring
  • Take young shoots 8-10 cm long
  • Remove the bottom leaves
  • Transplant these cuttings in a suitable soil
  • Keep the soil slightly moist, in the light and without direct sunlight

Lantana pruning and maintenance

It can be given a natural shape or directed to a stem from a young plant.

Pruning takes place in winter. Each branch of the lantana is pruned to 1 or 2 eyes.

In summer, remove faded flowers as you go to stimulate the appearance of new flowers.

Lantana in winter

Be careful, the lantan tree or lantana is only cultivated in perennial in areas where winters are mild.

Elsewhere, it will be considered an annual and it will take:

  • Or, replant new lantanas the following year.

  • Or, dig up the stump, put it in a dry, cool and bright place but frost-free and replant it the following spring.

  • For container culture, all you need to do is shelter the pots from frost during the winter.

To know about the lantana

Very beautiful perennial considered as a sub-shrub, this plant gives pretty flowers variegated with yellow and pink.

It grows in all latitudes of the equator, regardless of country or continent.

It has medicinal uses and the dried leaves are also used to make tea.

Pink varieties give much more fruit.

It is ideal for planting in beds but also for those of your planters.

Smart tip about lantana

The lantana cuttings is easy to do during summer, take the opportunity to multiply your plants economically!

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