Tomato: for each variety, its use

Tomato: for each variety, its use

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There are several thousand varieties of tomatoes of different sizes, shapes or colors. Focus on five of them ...

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The cherry tomato, ideal as an aperitif

She takes a bite. Its sweet pulp then spreads down the throat.

Its small size makes it a concentrate of aromas. The cherry tomato is so fragrant that it is most often eaten plain.

There are reds of course, but also yellows and blacks.

Its big sister, the cocktail tomato, can be stuffed with fresh cheese, for example.

The vine tomato, in salad

A direct competitor to the round tomato available in bulk on the shelves, the vine tomato was developed in 1995.

Today it represents half of the tomatoes produced and sold. Gourmets praise its more pronounced flavor, to be enjoyed in salads.

It also turns out to be more expensive in general.

It is stored in the open air to prevent it from becoming floury.

The tomato-elongated, for sauces

Roma is the most famous elongated tomato variety.

Fleshy but also not very juicy, this oblong tomato is particularly resistant to cooking.

Its flesh retains its color and firmness. It is most often incorporated in recipes for coulis or in ready meals.

It represents 5% of tomatoes produced and sold.

Beef heart tomato, stuffed in the old fashioned way

It is one of the so-called "ribbed" varieties, because of its particular shape.

The beef heart tomato is one of those ancient vegetable varieties that have recently been revived.

It is traditionally eaten whole, most often stuffed and baked.

Its abundant flesh is also appreciated in a ratatouille, a gazpacho or a sorbet.

The tomato-pineapple, an American ready to dry

Still little known in France, the tomato-pineapple was born in the United States.

It owes its name to the pink marbling inside its yellow-orange flesh, reminiscent of exotic fruit.

Despite a very mild flavor, tomato-pineapple is served by a harsher texture than other varieties.

We prefer to taste it once dried.

We can also note the Crimean black, appreciated for its beautiful dark dress and its subtle salad taste.


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