Zoom on 3 trendy hydrangeas

Zoom on 3 trendy hydrangeas

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Emblem of the seaside gardens of Brittany, the hydrangeas come in many varieties that are becoming acclimatized almost everywhere in France.

Zoom in on three of them ...

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The "French Bolero" hydrangea

Flowers in twigs

"French Bolero®" is a new hydrangea variety that is part of the selection of "remarkable novelties 2019" from the nursery Promesse de Fleurs, which is marketing it from autumn 2019.

This Angevin-created hybrid received the bronze medal at the international horticultural fair IPM Essen 2019 in Germany earlier this year. It is the delicate result of the crossing of macrophylla x scandens.

Its peculiarity: its soft pink flat flowers bloom all along the branches and not only at the top of the stems, from June to September. They can turn blue in acidic soil.

This hydrangea is also considered the pink version of the Runaway Bride hydrangea, itself voted Plant of the Year at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018.

Here is a very romantic shrub, a new generation hydrangea to adopt this fall in the ground or in a large pot on a balcony, always in partial shade, within sight to admire its elegance and originality.

Pastel Green® hydrangea paniculata

Complex variations of pastels

Magic, this new hydrangea paniculata which keeps changing colors during its spring and summer flowering!

Of June to September, it is colored, bordered and flecked with several combinations of whites, pinks and greens more or less pastel or intense ...

Its cones are composed of large flowers and it can reach 1.50 m in width as in height.

It appreciates full sun exposure if it is not scorching, but also does well in partial shade, always in light soil. Magnificent at the bottom of the massif.

Magical Color® hydrangea

On stem and indoors

We usually love it in dense bushes in the garden. Now let's discover this ersatz hydrangea on stem ... and for the house!

The Magical Color Trees "Amethyst" and "Revolution" are the first hydrangeas flowers on foot specially designed for indoors : available in pink or blue, they change tones with flowering and soar 45-50 cm in height.

This ephemeral decorative plant jewel is made to last approximately 150 days, between April and August.

No maintenance is required up to an indoor temperature of 20 ° C, but above that, daily watering will keep it fresh and in its best condition.

A miniature tree in bloom and ideal for your living room!

Claire Lelong-Lehoang

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Hydrangea French Bolero®: © Promesse de Fleurs. Paniculata Pastel Green®: © http: // Magical Color®: © Magical flower tree pink blue

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