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Mexican orange tree: superb flowering shrub

Mexican orange tree: superb flowering shrub

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The Mexican orange tree amazes in early spring with its magnificent white flowers.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Choisya ternata
Family : Rutaceae

Type : Shrub
use : Hedge, isolated, tray and massif
Height : 2 to 3 m
Exposure : Sunny

Foliage : Persistent -Flowering : April to June

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Planting, maintenance and pruning will improve the flowering and growth of this exceptional shrub.

Mexican orange tree plantation

Planting is an important step in promoting the recovery and growth of the shrub.

It is better to plant the Mexican orange tree in spring or in autumn.

Bought in jar or container, it can also be planted throughout the year by avoiding periods of frost and high temperatures.

  • Adding fertilizer to the bottom-hole planting improves the rooting, recovery and growth of the Mexican orange tree.
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The first year after planting the Mexican orange tree, water generously and regularly without flooding the roots of the shrub

Mexican orange tree cutting:

The best technique for propagating the Mexican orange tree is cuttings. This method is both quick and easy.

Period : The cuttings of the Mexican orange tree take place in summer, on non-flowering wood.

  • Take cuttings of 15 cm from July to September, on sowing-hardwood (not yet hard).
  • Remove the bottom leaves to keep only one or 2 pair (s) of leaves in mind.
  • If necessary, dip the base in the cutting hormone powder.
  • Plant the cuttings in a special cutting soil and place the cuttings in the light but without direct sunlight.
  • Keep the substrate slightly damp and then reduce watering in winter.
  • Protect the cuttings in winter by keeping them cool but protected from frost (ideally around 5-10 °)

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Caring for a Mexican orange tree

Here's a low-maintenance tree that you can improve flowering and growth with a little care.

If your Mexican orange blossoms little or not at all or the leaves remain unusually small, there is a deficiency in the soil.

  • Bring somefertilizer for flowering shrubs or tomatoes in spring .
  • In case of prolonged drought, water when the soil is dry, especially the 1st year after planting
  • Amend the soil in the fall with a fertilizer such as "Manure and algae"
  • Mulch the ground in summer to keep moisture in the soil

Prune an orange tree from Mexico

The size of the Mexican orange tree is a question that arises, especially for the period.

However, the Mexican orange tree, whether isolated, in a hedge or in a bed does not require no particular size.

But it is often nice to give it a nice figure, especially when it is part of a hedge.

  • If you want reduce or balance the antlers, avoid pruning at the end of winter as you risk altering flowering.
  • Always wait for the end of flowering for pruning, preferably in June.
  • Avoid severe pruning, but prefer a soft waist.

To know about the Mexican orange tree

Very beautiful shrub compact habit and at the magnificent bloom, the Mexican orange tree is, as its name suggests, is native to this Central American country.

Whether "Aztec pearl " or "Sundance" , he's from very easy cultivation and the advantage of not exceeding the 2 to 3 meters high, which avoids pruning it too regularly.

It is even possible to let the shrub grow without ever pruning it, it will never reach more than 3 m in height.

The flowers, resembling those of the orange tree, are very fragrant and the latter adapts equally well to the open ground in the garden as to the pot culture on a terrace or balcony. (Photo © hcast)

Smart tip

Apart from planting and during the first year that follows, it is no need to water excessively because the Mexican orange tree doesn't need it.

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