5 very fragrant roses to plant near the house

5 very fragrant roses to plant near the house

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Nothing like a scented rose to decorate the surroundings of a house.

His fragrant flowers release their fruity and comforting scents.

Discover our selection of very fragrant roses for an exterior that smells good!

The romantic: fragrant old rose

Who says old rose says David Austin! In the department of scented old roses, we stop at the Queen of Denmark® rose. Its very powerful fragrance is rich in scents of yesteryear.

This flower reveals the scent present in the collective imagination, when we evoke the scent of a rose. Even if it means buying from an English rose designer, you might as well play the game of romance!

This strain offers cup flowers with upturned petals, all forming a generous pompom. When you see this flower in its Sunday best, you just want to slip your nose into it and inhale deeply. The stems are thorny and the foliage is gray-green. With the silhouette of a bush, it is installed both in isolation, in a bed or in a flowering hedge.

The elegant: very fragrant red rose

Ah red roses… Symbols of absolute love! It's even better with a fragrant strain. We think of the Edith Piaf® rose from Meilland Richardier. Endowed with refined flowers with a turbinate heart, this variety reveals fruity scents of apricot and peach.

The velvety-skinned petals are an intense red with a brighter heart. The first flowering in June is very generous which follows a few roses throughout the beautiful season.

In the fall, a second opulent wave of flowers emerges. This rose bush exists in bushy, climbing or on stem. You can thus plant it in a bed, in isolation, on a pergola or a fence, etc. Whatever option you choose, don't hesitate to make bouquets of them!

The daring: bicolour climbing rose

Not content with culminating at the top of a pergola, the Vanilla Fraise® rose prides itself on being two-tone. Well-named, it has petals that are sometimes light yellow, sometimes bright pink. Some are even streaked, which makes them very decorative.

We can easily imagine the refreshing flavor of a strawberry sorbet and the sweetness of vanilla. This vegetal delicacy has the advantage of being very floriferous. These double cup flowers colonize the stems from June to November. Its powerful scent is fruity, just like its name. Comfortable in the sun or in partial shade, this fragrant rose is up to 2.5m long, enough to garnish a support without any problem.

You can place it on a wire mesh, fence, arbor, pergola, trellis, etc.

The modern: lively and powerful rose

The Parfum de Grasse® rose announces the color with its evocative name. The city of Grasse, known for its perfume shops and museums, is in a way the French capital of fragrance. We then guess the generous scents that are confirmed when we bring our nostrils close to the flower.

Not very sensitive to diseases, this rose offers flowers with a compact, fruity and balanced scent. Its color is as warm as its fragrance! Its large, bright flowers feature pink-orange petals with an orange underside. The foliage evolves from purple to brilliant green.

This fragrant shrub blooms without counting from May to the first frosts.

The delicate: a simple and luminous flowering

Its large, single flowers distinguish Fighting Temeraire® from traditional roses. Its 10 petals are characterized by an apricot color and a yellow heart. Large and open, its simple flowers are no less decorative!

Shrub-shaped, this rosebush with a spreading habit, endowed with numerous stems, reaches 1.50m high. Very floriferous, it constitutes a point of light in a massif. With its 1.25m wingspan, it is a variety that is ideal at the bottom of a massif, to form a beautiful flowery volume.

Its refined and subtle scent offers intoxicating lemony and fruity tones.

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