Houseleek, a plant with multiple benefits

Graphic and decorative with its colorful rosettes, houseleek (or sempervivum) belongs to the highly prized category of plants without maintenance and without water. So many advantages!

Sempervivum means immortal. This small, persistent and perennial succulent plant indeed grows between rocks, on rockery, or on arid land ...


Rustic native to the European mountains, it feels at ease in soils said to be light and poor, siliceous or limestone, and in full sun for maximum light and heat (be careful to take the time to acclimate it to a high light if your plant has not yet been used to it).

Houseleek is ideal not only for covering neglected areas but also for creating an unconstrained vegetal decor. It only requires minimal watering, too much standing water could even run to waste! Optimal drainage is its only requirement.

For the reproduce and let it multiply at its ease, just put a rosette with root on a rock with a handful of soil, it will hang on naturally.

Over 4,000 varieties of houseleek

In a pierced pot, reproducing the growing conditions guarantees the success of the composition, both indoors and outdoors: mix soil with coarse gravel in equal parts (or pozzolana, or sand) and voila!

Pay attention to the choice of container, vintage or design, which will enhance it. And to create a composition, combine houseleek with sedums that flourish in exactly the same conditions.

Among the 4000 existing varieties, the rosettes of different sizes of houseleek are often colored red or pink, but also sometimes yellow, or even chocolate purple. Spectacular!

Its summer bloom adds a touch of pink or yellow color, and volume. With a few light strokes of the secateurs, cut the stems after flowering and before winter. In fact, houseleek does not fear the cold, if it is dry, and it withstands temperatures down to -15 ° C.

Favorite for the Chick Charms Gold® Nugget

This fall, adopt this red-haired hybrid houseleek with really original flamboyant colors. New that brings a touch of light to the garden in the cold season (its foliage will turn green again in spring).

Chick Charms Gold® Nugget stands out and creates a surprise since it takes on color in winter, conversely to more traditional varieties which turn red in summer!

Like all other sempervivums, it spreads spontaneously by producing numerous rosettes. It forms a very aesthetic or even hypnotic carpet. The Chick Charms® series is extensive and has other great discoveries in store for you ...

Claire Lelong-Lehoang

Houseleek 1: © Alain Badstuber - 2: © Alexi Tauzin - 3: © Neweb - Sempervivum gold nugget 2018 1 and 2: © PromesseDeFleurs

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