The 4 coolest facts to know about tulips

The 4 coolest facts to know about tulips

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Tulip season is back!

We will once again be able to enjoy these magnificent flowers which symbolize spring. To celebrate the new season, iBulb has selected the 4 coolest facts to know about tulips.

The 4 coolest facts to know about tulips

  • At 17ecentury, a tulip bulb was worth a house

At the beginning of the 17thecentury, in the Republic of the Seven United Provinces of the Netherlands a huge craze for bulbs (tulip mania) broke out.

Bulbs became a commodity to speculate on and were of great value.

For the price of a single bulb, you could buy, at that time, an entire mansion on the Amsterdam docks.

Incredible, right?

  • The name tulip comes from the word turban

Tulips find their origin in Iran, Afghanistan and Kazakhstan.

The nomads took the bulbs to Turkey, where the sultans wore a tulip on their turbans. This headgear is called in Persian "tulipan".

Thus, was then named the tulip.

  • Is the Dutch climate favorable for Dutch tulips?

When at the end of the 16thecentury, the tulips arrived in the Netherlands, it turns out that there was a lot of interest in these flowers. Culture experiments were carried out in and around the house. And as the demand for tulips kept increasing, cultivation became more and more professional. It was especially along the coast of the Netherlands which was very favorable to this culture.

Mild winters and cool summers under the influence of the sea, good quality water with a constant water level, sandy soil and the flower trade so well established are the factors that make tulips grow so well. in the Nederlands.

  • Give your tulips a message

Tulips are special flowers. If, at 16ecentury, you offered a tulip, then you gave wealth. At that time, the flower was actually hugely popular. Nowadays, it mostly depends on the color of the tulip you are gifting.

Red tulips are synonymous with tumultuous love.

And the black tulips mean: "My love for you is so great that I could give it all up." "

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