Light flowers in your flower beds

Light flowers in your flower beds

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To fill in the small spaces left empty or to lighten your beds of large flowers, bet on plants with vaporous flowers.

They will lightly decorate your summer bouquets.

Lightness in your beds

The archetype of cloud flowers is the baby's breath and its tiny pompoms. This king of bouquets is demanding in sun and requires well-drained soil. You can choose it with single or double flowers, pink or white in color. It is perfect for highlighting a bouquet ofeyelets.

Easier to grow, lady's mantle thrive around rose bushes with which they cover the feet. Each spring, you can divide the clumps for the benefit of other beds.

Theheuchère, which you may know better as the poetic name of "Painter's Despair", is also easygoing and has often colorful foliage. Bring compost well decomposed in spring so that it produces pretty stems of small pink bells in summer. It likes a border or a mixture in a cluster of larger plants where it will bring a touch of lightness.

Medicinal and aromatic flowers

The vaporous effects are also to be found on the side of medicinal plants, such as officinal verbena, used for herbal teas and herbal remedies. It is often referred to as a weed because it multiplies quickly and is difficult to pull out, but its small, delicate flowers pair well with plants. dahlias for example.

Burnet burns from July to September. It produces countless small red ovoid balls borne by very thin stems and peduncles that do not exceed 80 cm in height. It mixes with all the other flowers happily, especially with large daisies where the phlox.

You can also install your aromatic plants in your beds. They will fill the voids of their often aerial foliage, and their flowers will add charm. Theoregano thus produces numerous purplish flowers with a graceful effect.

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