Indoor hibiscus, the Chinese Rose

Indoor hibiscus, the Chinese Rose

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The indoor hibiscus, also known as Rose of China, offers a magnificent flowering.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Family : Malvaceae
Type : Houseplant

: 0.4 to 1.5 m
Exposure : Bright

Foliage : Persistent indoors -Flowering : March to November

  • If you are looking for advice on‘Althea, outdoor hibiscus, it's here

Flowering plant par excellence, it is easy to maintain even if a few tips are in order for long-lasting flowering.

Here are all the care tips for your indoor hibiscus.

Planting a hibiscus

If you are buying your hibiscus in bloom, do not repot the plant as you may disturb it. The China Rose also likes to feel cramped.

Hibiscus in pot:

  • The repotting usually takes place in March, before the resumption of vegetation.
  • Choose a pot with a slightly larger diameter.
  • Make a mixture of potting soil and heather soil
  • Put gravel or clay balls at the bottom of the pot to facilitate drainage.

Hibiscus outdoors:

We can replant an indoor hibiscus outside if the climate in your area allows it because the hibiscus fears frost.

Indeed, the hibiscus is not resistant to temperatures below 5 ° in winter and can only be installed outdoors in areas where there is no risk of freezing in winter.

The best solution if this is not the case is to keep it in a pot and bring it into a greenhouse or indoors from October to April-May.

  • Choose a sunny place sheltered from the wind
  • Plant your Chinese Rose in a mixture of potting soil, garden soil and heather soil.
  • The hibiscus that grows well in our climates is thealthea or mauve in tree

Multiplication of hibiscus : Cuttings in spring or summer.

Hibiscus maintenance

Caring for a hibiscus is fairly simple, but a few simple steps will allow you to improve growth and flowering throughout the seasons.

The hibiscus will be all the more beautiful and bloom if you prune in early spring

  • Perform an intaglio in slightly reshaping the silhouette in March.

During the growing season, addfertilizer for flowering plants in order to stimulate growth and promote spectacular flowering.

  • Fertilizer is essential for potted plants because the soil is exhausted much faster
  • A liquid fertilizer is recommended for potted plants, adding fertilizer every 2 waterings during the flowering period.

Watering a hibiscus

Watering in an indoor grown hibiscus is important because, in a pot, the soil dries out much faster and the needs are specific to the plant.

Watering in spring and summer:

It is during this period of growth that the water needs are greatest. It is nevertheless essential not to flood the roots and to allow the soil to dry out between two waterings.

One to two waterings per week is often sufficient.

Hibiscus in fall and winter:

When the hibiscus goes into vegetative rest, start reducing the waterings to adapt them to the ambient temperature.

  • The cooler the weather, the less water the plant needs.

Diseases of hibiscus

  • Hibiscus leaves that tend to wilt

The leaves turn inward.

It is often too much heat or too much exposure to the sun.

If necessary, bathe the root ball in soft water.

  • Sticky, sticky leaves - small insects invade the leaves:

This is an aphid attack, here is how to cure it

  • White down and on hibiscus leaves :

It's probably a mealybug attack, here's howtreat mealybugs

  • Falling hibiscus leaves :

This is excess water, you have to wait until the soil is dry on the surface between 2 waterings.

Avoid cold drafts or sudden changes in temperature.

  • Falling flowers :

It is often linked to too dry air. Avoid the proximity of a radiator or a window that is too sunny.

Place the pot on a bed of pebbles or clay balls lightly covered with water.

Smart tip

To stimulate flowering, remove faded flowers as you go.

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