Salads for every season

Salads for every season

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At the beginning or at the end of the meal, a few leaves of greenery bring freshness to your menus.

The good news is that there are different varieties at maturity throughout the year.

October to February: chicory

In the family of chicory, we mainly find escaroles or some curly on the stalls. Their bitter taste can put off. They are, however, a perfect source of calcium and potassium. Red, green or yellow leaves are used to create colorful plates.

For an original seasoning, they are associated with a citrus vinaigrette or spices, such as curry or cumin. We keep whole leaves washed and wrung out in an airtight box. To consume quickly.

From September to May: watercress

Two varieties of watercress dominate the French market. Alénois watercress, with its peppery taste, is best enjoyed as a young shoot. The watercress, with an almost spicy flavor, best enjoyed when ripe.

Once a wild plant, watercress is now cultivated in the North of France for its iron and vitamin contributions.

Raw, watercress is most often served with apples or nuts. It can also be eaten cooked, pan-fried in hazelnut oil with fish, or deep-fried with a roast.

We also appreciate the delicious watercress soup

From May to September: lettuce

Originally from the mountains of Kurdistan, the lettuce is now the fifth most consumed vegetable in France. Its varieties number in the hundreds.

The batavia, the romaine or the Oak Leaf are the best known.

Rich in fiber, vitamin C, minerals and trace elements, lettuce is also very low in calories.

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It is the ideal ingredient for a fresh salad or a sandwich. Cooked, its melting texture makes it possible to raise a dish of vegetables or a soup.

October to April: lamb's lettuce

The ultimate winter salad, the chewed up full of beta-carotene, fiber and Omega 3. Ronsard was already praising its merits during the Renaissance.

French producers, especially in Loire-Atlantique, followed his advice. They are today the leading European suppliers of this commodity.

Fragile, raw lamb's lettuce must be seasoned at the last minute in order to retain its crunch. Likewise, long cooking distorts its taste. Cook them in butter or in a saucepan of water for up to seven minutes.

A perfect accompaniment for a foie gras or a duck breast.


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