White landscape edging

White landscape edging

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White landscape edging with black foreground

In the first two images in this post you can see how the white space in this painting was done. In the foreground the subject will be in this section, the “landscape.” It is a large white space with black in front of it. In the far background there will be foliage and a mountain. In the next photo you can see how it all came together.

TIP: When using my digital camera, I use the “Best Picture Mode” (Auto) and not the “Best” mode. The problem is that the “Best” mode has a tendency to go to the reds and yellows. I did this with these photos in an attempt to emphasize the black I used in the foreground. It still worked.

Next up is the third and last photo of the series and the final version. With the first two shots I showed you how I painted in the light areas, but with the third photo you can see how it looks as a finished product.

TIP: When starting a new piece, I will use a white paint brush to apply the light. Using black paint, I can go over the light paint using a dry brush and make it darker.

This painting was inspired by the beauty and variety of colors and textures in nature and how it all comes together. I have always loved the colors that surround me and wanted to see what I could do when painting outside.

TIP: At the end, I went back in with black to highlight the objects I wanted in the foreground. With black, you can go over and add more if you want, but in this painting I decided not to. For future painting endeavors, I may make a different decision.

As always, the following is the completed work, my finished art print.

The print is on my favorite type of paper, Canson, and has a slight texture. It is a lovely piece of paper to enjoy.

Painting in the Real World

I have always loved painting, but not many of my drawings are good enough to turn into something beautiful. That was until I learned how to go outside and capture the beauty and color of nature with my camera and a canvas.

Painting outdoors is a totally different process for me. It is a lot more rewarding because I am able to paint the colors I see in nature instead of painting what I see in front of me. Sometimes it is difficult, but the fact that I am outdoors makes it that much more rewarding.

Painting from Nature

This is a watercolor I painted in the yard in front of my home. The yellow flower in the foreground is a Queen Anne's Lace, but I did not take my camera out to get a photo of the whole flower. I took a photo of only the bright yellow part of it, so I was able to find a photo reference.

You can see how this is a totally different type of painting for me. I was working with color. I found it difficult to work in a controlled environment, so I just painted in the yard. It was very liberating, so I did not mind spending my free time outside.

My experience was a success, as you can see, so I will be painting more from nature.

You never really know how others will respond to what you do. People who do not paint think it is totally out of their realm of possibility. People who do not play a musical instrument think that an artist is crazy.

So, for today, I decided to post some photos of some of my painting. This is a painting of a bird's nest from my garden. The reason I painted the nest is because I wanted to find a way to show that I love my garden and how beautiful it is.

If I had an unlimited budget, I would spend the next month painting this. However, if I were to spend the next month painting, the garden would end up looking like this:

I love how the nest looks out of the corner of my eye. I did not use any photographic reference, so I used my memory to paint this painting.

So, what do you think?

This is a great subject to work on because it's so beautiful, so I encourage you to try it for yourself. You could also try a painting of a different subject.

This painting was a success for me, so I will be painting from nature again.

I am going to post some more paintings later in the week.

I hope you enjoy this.

I also welcome any comments you would like to share with me.

Peace &, Blessings


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