Puglielli landscape design

Puglielli landscape design

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Puglielli landscape design

Totally inspired by the picturesque beauty of Puglia, the Pugliese landscape design, characterized by terraced land plots with the typical Apennine hills as a backdrop, is the landscape design we use with every villa. With Puglielli landscape design, you can expect a property design that can be both luxurious and also functional, and in the case of a vacation property, practical as well.

It’s not only Puglielli that designs villa gardens to suit the nature of the land. Landscape design is our first priority. And in our experience, the result is always a pleasant surprise, bringing the client back year after year. In any given Pugliese landscape design project, it’s not only a matter of creating a beautiful garden, but of giving it the right function, with the right plants, trees and other objects.

Pugliese design

What makes Pugliese landscape design truly unique is that we combine natural elements and plants to create a landscape that is at once welcoming and beautiful, combining practicality with a degree of artistry. The result is always a design that is both functional and also aesthetically pleasing.

In Pugliese, we offer a range of landscape designs that can be adjusted to the client’s needs and preferences, whether this is in terms of the project’s function or its aesthetic style.

In Pugliese, we also offer several additional landscape design services:

Plant and shrub collection

In our experience, the Pugliese landscape design of the villas is made by consulting the properties themselves, as well as with reference to local tradition, the seasons and the type of land.

We plant and shrub collections that match the properties’ needs and preferences. In this way, the villa gardens become one with the property, a pleasant and practical place to enjoy, relax, work or eat outside.

Consulting services

A good Pugliese landscape design must also be able to respond to changes in the villa’s use and function. For this reason, we offer consulting services to our clients, which mean the property owner is fully involved in the design process. This is also something that makes a Pugliese landscape design very appealing for private and community villas, since the process is clearly personalized.

Landscaping of gardens

Many Pugliese garden design firms are happy to take care of the landscaping of gardens as a service, but in our experience, the process goes much faster and is also much easier if the landscaping is done by professionals.

With the help of our own team of landscape designers and gardeners, we are able to take care of the entire process: the initial design, the planting and planting material selection, the landscaping, the cleaning and maintenance of the site.

Plant propagation

When the landscaping is done we are happy to help you to propagate plants in your garden. The process is very simple and fast. We take care of the entire process: the cultivation and harvesting of plants, the planting of plants in pots or tubs, the packing of pots or tubs, the labeling of the packaging, and finally the transport of plants to your garden.

Fences and walls

Fencing and walls in Pugliese, can be easily built. They are built by our team of professionals, and it is usually a simple and fast process. We offer a wide range of materials and colors that suit any villa’s needs.

What we do for you

Whether you are a private villa owner, a community association, or a public body, you are looking for quality and reliability when you hire a Pugliese landscape design company. That’s why the process starts with a complete and personal design proposal and consultation, all the way to the installation of the landscaping works.

A complete and personal design and consultancy proposal

In order to help you to choose the best solution for your Pugliese villa landscape design, we work on different ideas, always proposing our clients the best solution: we propose free consulting to all our customers and we always propose complete landscaping and garden designs for the Pugliese villa landscape.

The consultation proposal includes:

1. Project and design proposals according to your requirements.

2. The creation of a map showing the position of the existing and proposed elements of your landscape.

3. Detailed proposals about materials, and any details that are important for you and your future garden.

Installation and follow-up of the work

The installation and follow-up of the landscaping works will be done by our team, made up of gardeners and landscape designers. You can find on our website a complete catalogue of our landscaping services.We always provide all the information needed for a complete implementation of the project, also explaining all the solutions and solutions of the work.

We provide solutions to install the landscape according to the following possibilities:

Landscape design according to the client's needs: our gardeners and landscape designers are always available to help you to choose the best and most suitable solutions to install your landscape. For instance, we can design a landscape that includes flower beds and a garden, both for your home and garden, which is also suitable to install for the landscape of a whole building.

Landscape design for the building: our landscape design team can also create a landscape design suitable to complement the Pugliese villa landscaping and landscape.

Landscape design for the landscaping of an existing building. This is the case if you already have a building with a garden that needs to be renovated and you can hire a Pugliese landscaping design company to help you choose the best solutions for the new landscape design.

Landscape design for the development of a new building: our landscape gardeners and landscape designers are ready to collaborate with a client who wants to build a new building and hires a Pugliese landscaping design company to help him design the best landscaping for the new building.

Landscape design for a commercial or public project: if you are a large-scale investor who hires a landscape garden, you can hire our landscaping designers to create a design that will ensure the best results for your garden. We will help you choose the right solutions for the garden or for the landscape.