Sears garden tractor planter

Sears garden tractor planter

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Sears garden tractor planter

This is a discussion on Sears garden tractor planter within the Equipment Seats &, Tires forums, part of the Lawn Tractor category, I am looking to buy a new tractor and need a planter to go along with it. Any recomendations ...

I am looking to buy a new tractor and need a planter to go along with it. Any recomendations of what I should look at or not look at?

I can get you a link for a tractor/sales comparison chart from a good tractor dealer. I like Landis Farm Supply. You can type in an item number on the chart and it will show you what they have in stock.

I looked at the Landis Farm Supply web site to check on a tractor for sale. It's a great site. It's very easy to use and gives you a pretty decent idea on what to look for in a tractor.

I'm looking for a tractor/planter combination. Tractor: I don't care which brand as long as it has a planter attached. Planter: I'd like a good quality planter with a good volume capacity, decent weight capacity, and a good attachment. I also need a planter that can be folded up in my garage and taken out when not being used.

Landis Farm Supply has the John Deere tractor's they offer for sale, but they have a website to browse. The John Deere site is for sale. I looked at it and it's quite easy to use. I also like Landis because they will call and inquire if you want to purchase. (Landis does not own or have any John Deere equipment)

I need to get some kind of tractor before I can get a planter, but I'm not sure which to get.

Sears offers this tractor but I haven't seen anything on it yet:

I also did some searching on John Deere tractors to find the tractor that could double as a planter. My first choice was the John Deere 4820 or a John Deere 4825.

The John Deere 4820:

The John Deere 4825:

I'll take a look at the John Deere 4820 and 4825 again. I've just had too many tractors in the past.

When I was in my teens I bought a John Deere G1 tractor that was built in 1957. It was a little over 11 years old when I bought it. It is a single cylinder (one cylinder engine) tractor. I got it in 1977 when I was in my late teens or early twenties. It has the original spark plugs.

I had my eye on a 4825, but you can also get a 4820. They are a bit older and in need of some repairs. The 4825 was built in 1964. I would be very cautious in buying a used tractor. I have been burnt a few times by buying used tractors. Sometimes even John Deere tractors.

I plan on buying used tractors. I'm going to do some research, maybe ask around at work and see what others have done. I have two days in this weekend to do it.

The big advantage of the 4820 over the 4825 is that it uses more water per hour (which means I could buy less at a time) and the bigger engine will make it a lot easier to pull weeds and grass.

You can get them here:

The main disadvantage of the 4820 is the bigger engine, which takes more space and weighs more. The 4825 also has more power and it's easier to pull weeds and grass.

The first thing I'm going to do is pick up a 4825, but if there's no demand for it I'll buy a 4820. I'm going to see what others have done and I'm hoping they have some ideas on the best way to fix a tractor and on what it should cost. I'm also going to be talking with the guys at work.

I will do my own research on tractor repair, but I'd be very happy to learn of any good resources.

I also had an older, very old tractor for sale. I put some good money into it. It had broken down and the guy needed the money to pay bills. He couldn't sell it for a decent price and so he was hoping to get an even worse price to get it out of his name.

Anyways, here are the specs:



2 wheel drive

1 year old

The guy who bought it was a nice guy who did a lot of research on the tractor before buying it. He bought it, but before I drove it off the lot he asked me to help him make it go. I think I did a pretty good job of making it go, but even so, it took me 2 months to get it ready.

The guy who bought it ended up letting me keep the old tractor and we put it in the barn. When I sell it, I won't be able to sell it with a 3 year old, no problem with that. I'll just offer him the tractor he had fixed (which I'm still going to do) and ask him to pay me to fix the old tractor he let me keep. I will get more than I was expecting.

If anyone wants to talk more I can be reached at 734-735-9200. I can also leave a message on my voicemail.



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I do not wish to offend anyone of any race, color, or creed. I love all people.


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Just to get this right, you do like people from color??


I have also had a few good tractor sales, and one of the worst, so I wouldn't base your thoughts on this one on the fact that it happened or didn't.

Just think of it this way, if you sell the same tractor year after year to the same customer, then one that has been in business for 50 years, but still making money, they will want to keep the tractor until they die. They might want to keep the tractor because they want to put it in their lawn tractor show, or their tractor show where they tell all of their friends about how they used to own that tractors that was made in the 50's or 60's, or that it was used to pull barges across the canals in France back in the day. (All true).

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